Action against the Chislet Wind Farm proposal from local residents - Join us now!

We’re starting a local residents group to gather information and people together to fight against the proposed building of the Chislet Windfarm. Please get in touch and join the fight against the wind farm that could spoil the peace, tranquility and views for all of us.

Download the flyer outlining the proposal and why we should fight it

Local Kent newspapers in support of stopping RES building the Chislet Wind Farm. As they rightly point out in the article, there are more than enough wind farms around our coastline. At Stop Chislet Windfarm we’re not against wind power or any other kind of alternative energy and we understand the need for it. What […]

It seems that RES will be putting in their planning application with CCC in October! Once the planning application is in place we have about 8 weeks to make sure we do everything possible to stop this. We are meeting with a planning committee member on Saturday and will hopefully have a better idea of CCC’s […]

The following exchange with Carol Hawkey at the Church Commission has been ongoing for some weeks now and clearly shows the response and attitude from the Church which doesn’t seem to have much concern for local residents lives. Anyone connected with the Church and living close to these wind farms should seriously be considering talking […]

Excellent news from the Result of St Nicholas and Sarre Parish council windfarm questionnaire. 96% of those who responded were against the windfarm 15% of the electorate voted which is pretty high for this sort of thing ! Please see the link below but the key thing is 96% of those who responded were against the […]

 Den Brook wind farm construction work begins  Six years after planning permission was given and after two public inquiries, construction work begins on the Den Brook Valley wind farm, a project run by RES. Even after all the local opposition the proposal still went through. But look! Local residents got £100 off their electricity bill […]

This letter of objection, which you can download below, needs to be sent to RES ASAP as part of their initial consultative phase. It is important that as many people send this into RES as soon as possible.  If you have more than one person in your household then send one letter per person. The more letters RES […]

A very interesting piece on wind farm noise here from MAS… The listening room experience aims to replicate listening to wind farm noise, particularly AM (Amplitude Modulation), in a home situation. Clips of wind farm noise are taken from MAS Environmental’s own measurements in the field and within dwellings where complaints of wind farm noise […]

Not a UK video but worth a watch given RES’ comments about birds flying around turbines just like they do buildings. And what about all our swans, how will they cope with the turbines. I wonder what David Barber, The Queen’s Swan Marker, would think about that!  

Here are some videos of the speeches from last Mondays meeting…    

Swedish energy company Vattenfall has scrapped a planned 69 MW wind project in Lincolnshire, after government subsidy cuts “introduced increased risk in the process”. Read more: